Catkiller One-Five / Chapters

Except for #1 The chapters are more or less chronological. Start with #1 because it provides a basic understanding of the mission that will serve you in the remaining chapters. Numbers 1 and 6-10 are mostly mission accounts. Numbers 2-5 talk about the experience of arriving in Vietnam, finding a home, and working into a combat role. The last three chapters try for a little humor and offer some personal reflections.

  • 1. The Oh Shit!! point
  • 2. I'm Not in Indiana Anymore
  • 3. The Long Checkout
  • 4. DaNang unto Tet
  • 5. Welcome to the DMZ
  • 6. A Dark and Stormy Night
  • 7. Fire on the Ground
  • 8. Request Fuel Truck
  • 9. I Ain't That Brave
  • 10. Last as One-Five
  • 11. There is a God
  • 12. Bullet Holes and Bird Strikes
  • 13.Nothing is Forever

    If you would like some additional reading relating to the mission of the 220th Aviation Company in this time period, pick up the book A Hundred Feet Over Hell by James Hooper.

    If you were a Catkiller or worked with the Catkillers and you see something in the above chapters that needs correction, email it to me at the link below.
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